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Acorns Spare Change investment service is a micro-investing platform that can invest your spare change automatically. With a $5 Acorns new account bonus, it’s a good time to start investing. Therefore, the account’s greatest feature is for beginners who want to try investing without losing a bunch of money to brokerage fees.

Sign up using the Bonusery $5 Acorns New Account Bonus Link to get a $5 bonus credit for free. Make sure to open a new account and successfully complete your first investment in any amount to receive the bonus.

Acorns Referral Bonus
Acorns website featuring the mobile app and debit card

Acorns $5 Referral Bonus

To get $5 automatically credited to your account use this Bonusery $5 Acorns Referral Link and start investing in any amount you would like.

However, in case you already signed up and opened an account using the Acorns mobile app, just use promo code LHTVHA. You can input it directly in the iOS or Android app to secure the $5 bonus.

Here are the key takeaways about the Acorns new account bonus:

Acorns will credit your account with $5 worth of investments if you register using the Bonusery referral link and start investing in any amount.

The $5 reward will appear immediately once you create an account. It will be credited in the form of an investment within your Acorns portfolio.

The $5 bonus will be invested in your Acorns portfolio after your account is approved. In addition, after you have successfully completed your first investment in any amount you want.

The easiest way to start investing with Acorns is just by making a one-time investment into your Acorns account.

July 2019 Promotion: $200 Acorns Referral Bonus

UPDATE 3/4/2020: In the month of March, Acorns is giving away a $1,000 referral bonus if you invite 12 friends who make a successful investment by March 31, 2020. The bonus will then be paid out by April 15, 2020.

Moreover, you can earn $200 in bonus cash when you refer 5 friends to Acorns from July 1, 2019 to July 31 2019.

To qualify, your referrals will need to sign up for an Acorns account and make their first investment between July 1st and July 31, 2019.

In other words, if you refer 5 new customers to Acorns, you’ll earn $200 in bonus cash.

Acorns is your guide to financial wellness. We’ll help you invest, save and spend responsibly for just $1, $2 or $3 per month.

Acorns Team

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11 Responses

    1. Thanks for reading! Here’s an excerpt from the Acorns referral promotion terms that has more information about the promo period:

      Friends must sign up on or after 07/01/2019 and have an account in good standing and make their first investment by 07/31/2019. Bonuses are paid out by 08/15/2019. Referrals who close their account before 08/15/2019, or make an investment that results in a reversal from their bank, will not qualify for the promotion.

      Reference: https://www.acorns.com/ref-terms/

  1. I only need 2 people, I will pay you $50 if you sign up Acorns using my referral link. In addition, get $5 if you sign up and $600 from Acorns if refer 3 people before 03/27/2021

    1. Sign up for the $3 monthly plan (first month is free)
    2. Link your bank account
    3. Deposit $5

  2. They currently have a promotion where if you invite 2 friends you get $300 credited to your investments. Pretty good deal if you have a couple of friends or family members willing to help you out. They seem to be updating these promotions weekly. Feel free to use my link, we both would get $5 for free. Thanks!


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