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The allows you to securely buy, sell, store, send, track, and spend crypto.

If you sign up via this $25 Bonus Referral Link and stake at least 2,500 CRO in a Metal Visa Card for 6 months, you will earn a $25 bonus worth of CRO.

Please note that the current value of 1 CRO token is around $0.08 as of 2/11/2021, so the value of the 2,500 CRO that is needed to be staked in order to qualify for the $25 bonus is equal to about $200 USD.

$25 Sign Up Bonus

1. Register with your email address at this $25 Bonus Referral Link to get started.

2. Download the App and sign up with the same email address.

3. Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email they send.

4. Complete the verification process by submitting your ID in the app.

5. After verification is complete (usually takes up to 10 minutes), your $25 USD worth of CRO bonus will immediately appear in your CRO Wallet.

6. Visit the Rewards page in the app via the Home Screen Gift Icon to see your locked sign-up bonus and click the “Unlock Now” button.

7. To unlock your $25 sign-up bonus, you must stake at least 2,500 CRO in a Metal Visa Card for 6 months (2,500 CRO value = $200 USD as of 2/11/2021).

8. To stake the minimum 2,500 CRO, you can select the Ruby Steel (red) card version, which offers 2% back in CRO Rewards with a 100% Spotify rebate and no monthly fees, no annual fees, and no issuance fees.

9. You can purchase the 2,500 CRO for the stake via credit card (no fees), crypto wallet, or bank transfer.

10. As soon as you stake the 2,500 CRO, your $25 USD bonus worth of CRO will instantly be unlocked and available to sell, trade, or withdraw as you please.

11. At the end of the 6-month stake period, you can unlock your 2,500 CRO that has been staked by tapping the “Unlock” button in your CRO Wallet.

12. You can then withdraw your 2,500 CRO in staked funds, trade for another crypto, or spend it via your Metal Visa Card.

$25 Referral Program

After you sign up for, you can participate in the referral program.

To share the referral, just go to the Home Screen Gift Icon in the app.

When you refer a friend who stakes at least 2,500 CRO for a Metal Visa Card for a minimum of 6 months, you will both earn $25 worth of CRO.

In order to qualify, your friend must sign up via your referral link, confirm their email address, pass verification, and stake at least 2,500 CRO for a MCO Visa Card.

You will receive your $25 USD in CRO in your CRO Wallet instantly once your referrals have completed the staking process.

The $25 bonuses are credited to both parties at the start of the staking period, not at the end of 6 months, so you get your bonus reward right away.

You can share your referral link/code with as many friends as you like and earn an unlimited amount of bonuses.

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