Firstrade Free Stock Sign Up & Referral Bonus Worth $3 to $200

Sign Up Bonus:

Up to $200

Referral Bonus:

Up to $200

Payout Method:

Share of Stock

Firstrade is giving away up to $200 worth of stock when you sign up for a new account using the Bonusery Firstrade free stock referral link.

As the leading online brokerage firm, Firstrade offers a variety of high quality investment products and tools. More specifically, Firstrade offers online and mobile trading of stocks for both new and active traders. In addition to this, Firstrade has opened up the free shares opportunity.

Unlike most of the websites giving out sign up bonuses, Firstrade chooses the free stock from the well-known, attractive companies on the site. Considering that the selection is determined by an algorithm, each referrer or referee has equal chances of getting a particular share.

Firstrade Free Stock Opportunity

Firstrade offers a bonus for new U.S. domestic qualified accounts. The bonus involves both the referrer and the referee. More exactly, both sides are eligible for one share of stock valued between $3 and $200 – depending on the price of the shares at the time being.

How to get your Free Stock?

Firstrade free stock is fit for individual, joint and custodial accounts.

In order to qualify for the bonus, as a referee, you must open the new account through the referral link within 30 days. Once your account is approved and you log in, you are eligible to get your free stock. Furthermore, the time frame for claiming the free stock is 60 days.

As a referrer, you may find yourself in a position where you invite a non-qualified account. In this case, the referee will not be fit for the bonus. However, as a referrer, you may still get the Firstrade free stock.

How We Select Your Free Stocks?

Firstrade free stock is chosen from the most popular companies on the site. In addition, the shares you are getting, both as a referrer and as a referee, are determined by an algorithm. This means that the election may never be biased, and is always completely random.

The companies are chosen based on their performance in the last quarter. Also, the minimum market capitalization for the shares may not be below $2.5 billion and they must trade on the NYSE-listed or NASDAQ-listed markets.

Firstrade referral

Once your account is approved, and you get your Firstrade sign up bonus as a referee, you may redirect your actions to act as a referrer. The referral bonus will provide you with opportunities to own shares in companies like Apple, Bank of America, Advanced Micro Devices or Facebook. The chance for getting shares from one of the above-mentioned companies is 1 in a 100. So, sharing the Firstrade referral link will certainly increase your chances of being a stakeholder in such profitable corporations.

Acting both as a referee and a referrer creates a never ending cycle for getting free stock – both for you and your acquaintances or friends.

Three Step Process for Getting Free Stock

Refer Friends

First of all, you must share the referral link with referees – people who are willing to create new accounts in order to get free stock.

Get a Free Stock

By opening a Firstrade account, both you and the person you have invited are getting free shares. However, the referee needs to sign up and wait for their application to be approved.

Non-competent referees will not be eligible for getting the Firstrade bonus.

Track Referrals

Finally, you need to remain involved. This means that you have to remind the referees to sign up and get their free stock on time. The time frames of Firstrade are non-negotiable.

Firstrade Terms and Policies

Firstrade doesn’t provide investment advice or recommendations whether to buy, sell or hold the stock. For additional information on tax implications connected to the Firstrade free stock, we encourage you to consult with your tax advisor.

All rights, connected to changing the offer terms or terminating the offer at any time without notice, are reserved by Firstrade.

As an individual, you are entitled to receive a maximum of $500 in a calendar year. This includes both the free stock from the contemporary year and the values received from previous offers.

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  1. Something very much off here. Applied for bonus, was denied account for unknown reasons after passing all questions and submitting very healthy financials. (Have never been denied account by any broker before in 60 years!) Denial email then asked if I were related to a mayor of a big city by name or a federal judge by name. WTF? Was I denied because they have the same common last name as me could be related; or would I get the account and bonus after all if I were related to these powerful figures.??? Detect a violation of securities law here.

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