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Nvstr (pronounced “Investor”) is a modern investing platform designed by ex-hedge fund guys to make smart investing simple. It empowers you with the information, insights, and community you need to make smarter investing decisions. You can ask former Wall Street pros about your stocks and optimally diversify your portfolio in a click.

Right now they’re giving new members up to $1,000 in free cash to invest when you join (selected at random, but you’re guaranteed at least $10).

Please use Bonusery’s invite link to sign up.

Introducing Nvstr – Get Up To $1,000 in Free Cash to Start Investing

About Nvstr Stock Investing Community

Nvstr is reinventing investing by making it a simple, enjoyable, and socially engaging experience for everyone.

The Nvstr platform streamlines a common conversation topic – “What stocks should you invest in?” – by enabling users to browse friend’s and community member’s top ideas while also keeping sensitive aspects of your portfolio private.

Once you find investment ideas you like, an effortless, institutional-quality process assists in allocating your portfolio in a way that’s optimized to your specific investment objectives.

The result is an investing experience that is simpler, more engaging, yet also substantially more sophisticated than that of traditional investing platforms.

Nvstr Pricing

  • Nvstr charges a $4.50 commission per stock trade.
  • The margin rate at Nvstr is 6.5% per year. Margin interest is charged when you borrow money to buy or sell stocks.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No membership fees.
  • No account opening fees.
  • No account closing fees.
  • No funds transfer fees.
  • No account minimum requirement.
  • Both the SEC and FINRA charge small fees when you sell a stock or ETF. The FINRA Trading Activity Fee is $0.000119 per share sold, with a maximum of $5.95 per order. The SEC fee is $0.0231 per $1,000 of shares sold. Both are rounded to the nearest penny.

Earn up to $1,000 to Invest with Nvstr

1. Visit this Nvstr $1,000 Bonus Referral Link to sign up and get approved for your free Nvstr account.

2. You will then receive $10 to $1,000 in free cash to invest in your new Nvstr brokerage account ($10 is guaranteed).

3. Your bonus funds cannot be withdrawn for 1 year, and you must place a trade within 1 year to keep your bonus cash.

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2 Responses

  1. The minimum guarenteed bonus is now down to $8, however there is a chance you’ll get much more. On top of that, I received a $75 bonus just for funding my account. At first, the $4.50 commission concerned me, but you actually get ten free trades per month with an active trading account. Nvstr doesn’t sell fractional shares, but I still think the bonuses are worth it. Thanks in advance if you use my sign-up link! https://www.nvstr.com/share/143b49ef02

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