Public Stock Investing App Free Stock Slice Sign Up & Referral Bonus [Formerly Matador]

Sign Up Bonus:

Up to $50

Referral Bonus:

Up to $50

Payout Method:

Stock Slice

Update 3/9/2020: Public has changed the sign up referral bonus from $20 cash to a free stock slice worth up to $50. Eligible users will select from 1 of 9 different stocks and a portion of that stock will be randomly given to the user in an amount up to $50 once the account is fully approved and verified. Just download the Public stock trading app to get started.

Update 9/2/2019: Matador is now known as Public.

About Public Stock Investing App

In this post you’ll find promotions and offers from Public, the social stock investing platform that makes the stock market much more approachable to new investors. The Public mobile app, which is available for Apple iOS, is designed to make stock investing clearer by adding a social component from the Public community.

Public is an easy-to-use no-fee stock trading app that allows you to buy and sell stocks with no commission fees and no account minimums.

Through the Public App, you can connect with your social circles to discover what companies they are investing in as well as see the stocks that are trending around the Public community. You can subscribe to other investors and see how their portfolios are performing.

There is no account minimum, so you can invest with whatever amount of money. However, to get the Public sign up bonus, you need to fund your account with $10 or more for at least 30 days.

The account also accrues a 2.50% interest rate on cash deposits up to the first $10,000, the money that you don’t end up investing in the stock market.

Moreover, there are no commission fees for buying or selling stocks as well as no deposit fees, no withdrawal fees, and no account maintenance fees of any type.

Plus, you can sign up through this Public App Referral Link to get up to $50 in free stock slices to invest when you fund your account with a minimum of $10 for at least 30 days.

The Public App is currently only available for download on iOS devices from the App Store, with the Android version of the app coming soon, according to the Public website.

“Public’s mission is to accelerate

all people’s prosperity.”

PUBLIC Mission Statement

Public Stock Account Benefits

The main draws to sign up for Public, besides to take advantage of the free stock slice bonus, have to do with usability, community, and cost. The social method of buying and selling stocks is useful for research and performance tracking. Moreover, the ability to practically trade without fees is a huge bonus. Public is our second favorite investment app right after Webull.

How To: Steps to Get Public Sign Up Bonus

Follow these steps in order, to ensure you get the Public sign up bonus:

Visit App Store

Visit this Public App Referral Link from your Apple iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and download the app.

Sign up via Public App

Open the app and follow the steps onscreen to sign up for an account. Note: you can either use Facebook or your email to create an account

Link Bank Account

Link your existing bank account to Public through Plaid, a secure and easy way to sign-in directly to your online banking.

Fund New Public Account

Deposit at least $10 to your new Public account

Maintain $10 Balance

Keep the cash available to trade on your account at $10 or more for at least 30 days from account opening.

Receive Stock Slice Bonus

Receive a stock slice worth up to $50 deposited directly into your Public account within 5 business days after qualifying.

Matador Stock Investing App Bonusery
Public Stock Trading App

Public Referral Program

After you have signed up for your new Public account, you’re eligible to take advantage of the Public referral program.

You can refer a new member to sign up via your referral link and make sure they follow the same steps you did so you can get an additional stock slice bonus.

You will be eligible to earn one bonus as a new Public member and up to 25 bonuses each year as an existing Public account holder when you refer your family or friends.

The maximum combined referral bonus value that you can earn cannot exceed $500 per household per year.

This program is only available to U.S. residents residing within the United States.

Keep in mind that any referral bonuses that you earn from Public will be reported as Other Income on a Form 1099-Misc for tax purposes.

See all of the latest sign up bonuses we update daily.

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  1. Your blog is just a find for me. I am new to investing and have found a large number of investment options on your blog. Thank you for your work. Now I am your regular reader!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I decided to join! Though I found that using code “stock50” when I signed up gave me a free stock up to $70 instead of the normal $50. (Maybe they increased the potential amount??) Either way. Thanks for the share! Pretty cool app.

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