TradeUP: Free Stocks, $50 Bonus & Free Giftbox Stock Referrals

Sign Up Bonus:

Up to $300

Referral Bonus:

Up to $300

Payout Method:

Stock & Cash

If you’re interested in trading stocks, ETF, or options, TradeUP may be just what you’re looking for. This mobile stock trading app allows users to trade securities completely commission-free and with zero minimum deposit requirements. It’s available to all legal citizens of the United States.

If you sign up for an account, you get a TradeUP free stock and a $50 bonus, as well as an opportunity to participate in the TradeUP referral program to get more free stocks.

What Is TradeUP?

TradeUP is a mobile trading app for investors who are looking to trade various types of securities either at a low cost or completely for free. It’s not a broker, but rather provides brokerage services offered by Marsco Investment Corporation, which is a member of SIPC and FINRA and is registered with SEC.

When you open a new account, you get a TradeUP free stock with a cash value between $2.5 and $250. This offer is known as the Cash Egg Game in the TradeUP’s Giftbox promotion.

Once you make your initial deposit of at least $100, you receive another TradeUP free stock with a cash value between $8 and $1000.

If you deposit or transfer at least $3000 into your TradeUP account, you’ll instantly receive a $50 bonus in cash.

If you happen to transfer $3000 or more from another brokerage account, TradeUP will reimburse your transfer fees by giving you a cash bonus of up to $200, along with the $50 cash bonus for transferring.

TradeUp App Features

The features that make TradeUP so attractive include:

  • Stock trading platform tailored to both first-time and expert traders
  • Extended-hours trading
  • Free real-time stock quotes and global market trends
  • Professional analytics tools
  • ACH (U.S. bank accounts) and wire transfer funding support
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Social sharing
  • Multi-language support

How to Get the TradeUP Sign Up Bonus

To receive your TradeUP signup bonus, you need to take all of the following steps.

  1. Click on this TradeUP referral link to get started with the Giftbox promotion.
  2. Click the “Open Box” button to register for the promotion.
  3. Once you receive a verification email, download the TradeUP app. It’s available for iOS and Android.
  4. Launch the app and click on the “Log in” button (don’t click on “Sign Up”, because you’ve already registered). Use the same email address and password you used to register.
  5. Once you’re logged in, tap on the “Discover” tab and click on the “Get Free Stock” banner to get on the app’s Smash Page.
  6. You’ll see a hammer on the page that you need to use to smash the TradeUP Golden Egg, which will present you with your TradeUP free stock of anywhere between $2.5 and $250.
  7. Once you have your first free stock, you can open your TradeUP account. The app will direct you to a page with an “Open an Account” button.
  8. After your new account has been approved (the approval can take from an hour to several business days), you need to make an initial deposit or transfer of at least $3000 to get your $50 cash bonus.

TradeUP will distribute your sign-up bonus over three months:

  • The first-month reward – $20
  • The second-month reward – $15
  • The third-month reward – $15

You can’t withdraw or transfer any funds for four months if you want to receive the bonus in full.

TradeUP Referral Bonus Program

As soon as you open your TradeUP account, you can get a TradeUP referral bonus, that is, more free stocks. All you need to do is refer a friend by taking the following steps.

  1. Tap on the “Discover” tab in the app and click on the “Share” link.
  2. Share your TradeUP referral link with friends (you can refer up to 10 friends).
  3. Once your referral’s new account gets approved, both of you will have a chance to open the Giftbox and receive a TradeUP free stock.

If your referral opens an individual Marsco account, you’ll get the cash equivalent of the price of any possible stock that’s trading between $2.5 and $250.

If they make an initial deposit of at least $100, you’ll again get the cash equivalent of the price of another stock that’s trading between $8 and $1000.

You can get the Giftbox up to 20 times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are foreign bank wire transfers supported?

Yes, but you need to ensure your bank supports international wire transfers too. Note that international wire transfer fees may apply.

What securities can I transfer into my TradeUP account?

You can transfer ETFs, options, ADRs, mutual funds, and most U.S. listed equities.

When can I start trading?

Your wired funds will be available on the next trading day from the initial deposit. ACH funds will be available in 3-4 business days.

If I don’t deposit or transfer any funds, will my account be closed?

If you don’t fund your account for 3 months, you risk it being closed.

Are there any funding or withdrawing fees?

There are no fees for funding your account. There are no fees for the first withdrawal in a month, while there are fees for subsequent withdrawals within the same month – $10 per wire transfer, and $1 per ACH transfer.

Bottom Line

Apart from those slight drawbacks, TradeUP is an excellent trading app that you should definitely try, even if you end up not investing any funds.Sign up today and get your TradeUP free stock and $50 bonus, and grab an opportunity to receive a TradeUP referral bonus and even more free stocks.

tradeup free stock sign up bonus
Get Your Free TreadeUP Free Stock Now

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4 Responses

  1. This has been extended! You can get 5 free stocks now through 6/30/21, if you’re approved for an account by that date after following any incentive-backed referral link that goes to the 5 free stocks offer, so you can get minimum $62 in stock value (you can sell immediately and/or remove your deposit after 15 days). Just don’t use a link for the 2 free stocks (which is their “base” offer) or $50 bonus (which is expired so you instead just get the 2 free stocks). The up to $200 transfer fee reimbursement only applies to ACAT. Here’s the link to sign up with the improved promotion:

    The promotion code is O8HVZA. Terms and conditions are here:
    (NOTE: “Initial deposit” is checked only once within the first 30 days after the account is opened, so you cannot use multiple deposits to qualify at different thresholds and only the first deposit applies automatically.)

    Fees and commissions on the Cash/Margin account types are found here:

    For me, there was no soft or hard pull on any credit reports for my Cash account. No IRA accounts available yet. If you deposit up to or more than $1000 on your initial deposit, they credit you with a temporary match of available funds up to $1000 for immediate trading until your deposit actually clears, so don’t look for the deposit reward stocks until after the deposit actually clears (should be within 5 business days after your deposit). With my bank verified through Plaid, my account was approved in less than 12 hours and $1000 of $5000 was made available immediately for trading. I received $392 in stocks after sign up.

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